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WP-CLI Available on all Linux Shared Hosting Package 14/10/2017

We have installed and activated WP-CLI on al web hosting servers. With this tool that is to be invoked directly on the command line interface (CLI) you can managed WordPress and the WordPress... Meer »

[MONITORING] Intermittent routing and connectivity issues from different networks 04/08/2017

After the connectivity issues in the data center #1 that started Aug 2nd at approx. 01:15 AM, our technicians have rebooted one of the core routers in that data center. After the reboot the router... Meer »

Bitcoin payments will be temporarily disabled in 4 hours 01/08/2017

A a hard fork is likely to occur on the Bitcoin network at approximately 5:20am PT Aug 1st 2017. In order to protect our customers, we will be temporarily disabling payments by BitCoins at...