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27 Oct 2021

We have added Debian version 11, CentOS 7.9 and AlmaLinux for the x86_64 architecture on our cloud and VPS servers.

Available locations:
Los Angeles

30 Jun 2020

We have reduced the VAT applied for services in the billing period from the 1st of July, 2020 till the 31rd of December, 2020.

19 May 2019

We have implemented a fix for the MDS - Zombieload vulnerability across our Cloud and all Shared Hosting and Managed Servers.

25 Apr 2019

We have updated our Office 365, Exchange and SharePoint offerings so that you can order various configuration directly from the Server24 control panel and get started immediately: Office 365 Exchange Online SharePoint The integration of Azure and Azure Stack, Power BI, Dynamics, Visio, PowerApps, Flow, Project, Intune and Skype for ...

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8 Apr 2019

We have upgraded all NextCloud instances to version 15.06 and at the same time manually applied a patch to solved the issues with the directories of shared links not being browsable.

31 Dec 2018

We have updated our bare metal (dedicated) server installer and now support installing and reimaging of dedicated servers with Windows 2019 also directly; options to do so are available in the control panel for all enabled dedicated/bare metal servers.

The rollout of Windows 2019 will follow soon.

4 Jan 2018

Today we have changed the date format in the control panel from the original DD/MM/YYYY to YYYY-MM-DD, so that it is now easier to sort by date, e.g. invoices or next due dates for services and domain names.

14 Oct 2017

We have installed and activated WP-CLI on al web hosting servers. With this tool that is to be invoked directly on the command line interface (CLI) you can managed WordPress and the WordPress database directly from the shell, e.g. to create a database backup you would issue the following command: wp db export backup-before-search-replace.sql To ...

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4 Aug 2017

After the connectivity issues in the data center #1 that started Aug 2nd at approx. 01:15 AM, our technicians have rebooted one of the core routers in that data center. After the reboot the router did not come up and was failed over to the second core router. That router also experienced the exact same failure and therefore we had to switch to an ...

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1 Aug 2017

A a hard fork is likely to occur on the Bitcoin network at approximately 5:20am PT Aug 1st 2017. In order to protect our customers, we will be temporarily disabling payments by BitCoins at approximately 5am PT Aug 1st 2017.

We will be sure to notify you as soon as service has been restored.