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The TMCH helps protect brands in two ways: Sunrise Service and Trademark Claims Service. Server24 is a registered and trusted Trademark Clearinghouse Agent: fill out as much details as posssible on this form and we'll proceed with the Registration for the Trademark Clearinghouse or contact You, should any information or details be missing.

Registration Period
Sunrise Service
Trademark Claims Service
Domain Labels
Mark Registration 1
€179,95EUR One Time
1 Year/anno/Jahr
10 incl.

Mark Registration 3
€519,95EUR One Time
3 Years/anni/Jahre
10 incl.

Mark Registration 5
€769,95EUR One Time
5 Years/anni/Jahre
10 incl.

Addon Label
€1,95EUR One Time
Same as trademark

What is the Trademark Clearinghouse?

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) was setup to protect the rights of trademark holders as part of ICANN.s New gTLD Program. This is in addition to the rights protection mechanisms that new gTLD operators will be required to implement with the support of the TMCH. Brand owners can submit their trademark documentation to one central database before and during the launch of any given new gTLD.

What is the Sunrise Period?

The Sunrise Period will be held for all new gTLDs at least 30 days before the new gTLD becomes available to the public. During this period, trademark holders can protect their brand or domain name that corresponds to their trademark.

How Can You Take Part in the Sunrise Period?

In order to participate, trademark holders must have a validated trademark entry with the TMCH. Trademark holders will have ample time to register their intellectual property rights with the TMCH or a certified TMCH agent.

After your trademark is verified, rights are centrally stored for later use for any new gTLD if you decide to register a domain corresponding to your trademark. All of this makes it easy for trademark holders to protect their brands.

Claims Services

The TMCH Claims Service is a notification services mandated by ICANN for every new gTLD. This service warns domain name registrants and trademark holders of potential infringements on their trademarks. This service commences following the Sunrise Period.

With the Claims Service, potential domain name registrants will receive a warning when he or she attempts to register a domain that matches a trademark stored with the TMCH.

Should the potential registrant proceed with the registration after the warning, the trademark holder will receive a notification of the registration. At that point, the trademark holder may take action.

How Do I Register for the Trademark Clearinghouse?

Server24 is Your trusted Trademark Clearinghouse Agent.