Big Data Solutions to Master Complexity

  • Big DataThe internet, applications, services and technologies are generating unprecedented quantities of data. Organizations of all sizes face the challenge of not only capturing as much data as possible, but also to ask bigger questions and look deeper forcorrelation and insight. Conventional systems and database management is not suited to leverage terabytes of data per second.

    server24 provides the ideal solution for building your high performance big data solution. It starts from powerful servers and hardware, to highest speed server to server interconnection using Remote DMA andInfiniband connections for up to 2x 56Gbit/s connectitivy and highly scalable storage paired with optimized and engineered solutions powered by Hadoop and MongoDB.

    As with all server24 services, your Big Data solution can function as a stand-alone environment, or befully integrated with your other server24 solutions and services, including dedicated and cloud servers, database clusters, content delivery network, and more.
    If you have been waiting for a Big Data Solution to empower Your organization and data analysis needs, your wait is over. We have put together the solution that fits your data complexity needs in real time

    • Customized Cloud Servers
    • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Deployments available
    • Hourly and Monthly Pricing
    • Integration with hybrid, managed and distributed environments
    • 24/7 support from certified support and engineering team

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