High-performance computing. On-demand. Total Control.

  • Dedicated OverviewSometimes you need the raw horsepower of bare metal. Ourdedicated servers give you options from entry-level single processor servers to quad proc, hex-core powerhouses loaded with RAM andGPU-powered high-performance computing nodes all available in realtime with no downtime via our portal or API.

    If you are building a hybrid or distributed architecture our global private network will let you deploy cloud servers and dedicated servers and communicate between them as if they were in the same rack, with no back-end network charges or additional connectivity products to buy.

    Our OS Images technology provides a unified image-based deployment system that allows you to build on cloud, move to dedicated servers and back again as your needs evolve, as well as bringing features like real-time cloning and image-based backup to physical servers.

  • Key Advantages

    • One-business-day deployment
    • Exceptional price for performance
    • Monthly contracts with no long-term commitment
    • Integration with cloud, hybrid, managed and distributed environments
    • 24/7 support from certified support and engineering team

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Server24 Dedicated Server Features

Visual Processors Icon - Powerful Processors in all Dedicated Servers>

Power Processors

All Server24 dedicated servers are equipped with the latest generations of processors from AMD and INTEL, with the latest technology – ensuring optimal performance.

Visual Windows Linux Icon - Choose Your Operating System for your Server24 Dedicated Servers

Your Operating System

Choose the operating system that meets your business needs, select from Windows, BSD, VMWare or Linux. Don’t want to worry about? Allow your Server24 support team to manage your platform for you!

Visual Plesk Icon - Intuitive System Administration from Server24

Intuitive Administration

Our simple system administration interface allows you to easilyconfigure your dedicated server. Access our intuitive administration tools and quickly and easily tailor your server to meet your evolving business needs.

Visual Lock Icon - Secure Your Data with server24

Secure Your Data

Finally, with some of the most secure data centers, we’re committed to your security. Server24 offers the highest level of data security available today — as the synchronized reading/writing on multiple hard disks and SSDs.